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The Complete List of Globe and TM SuperSurf Unli Internet Promos 2018

Globe Prepaid and Republika ng TM offer unlimited internet access to their subscribers with SuperSurf promos. Before, SuperSurf can be used with no limit, as in unlimited download with no speed capping. But today, Globe has implemented a policy on usage for all of their mobile data promos which is known as Globe FUP (Fair Use Policy).

globe tm supersurf internet promos

Customers on Globe unli surf promo and plan who exceed 800MB a day, will experience browsing at slower speeds. According to Globe, this policy was made to maintain the quality of their mobile internet service and give all Globe customers a fair opportunity to enjoy their network, thus, providing their subscribers with fast and reliable mobile internet service.

SuperSurf lets Globe and TM subscribers to have mobile internet access using Globe/TM sim inserted to Globe Tattoo broadband USB stick, Globe Pocket WiFi or to any phones/android devices with sim slot which are 3G/4G/LTE capable. Browse Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, play Mobile Legends or EverWing, stream on YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion or on paid-subscription streaming sites like Netflix, HOOQ, iflix, NBA League Pass and many more. SuperSurf price starts from 50 Pesos up to 999 Pesos.

Below is the complete list of SuperSurf Promos for Globe and TM. Just reload your Globe or TM Prepaid account according to the price of your desired promo which suits your budget and lifestyle.

List of Globe and TM SuperSurf Promos

SUPERSURF50 to 8080

  • Unlimited internet for 1 day
  • Requires 50 Pesos Load

SUPERSURF120 to 8080

  • Unlimited internet for 3 days
  • Requires 120 Pesos Load

SUPERSURF200 to 8080

  • Unlimited internet for 5 days
  • Requires 200 Pesos Load

SUPERSURF999 to 8080

  • Unlimited internet for 30 days or 1 month
  • Requires 999 Pesos Load

* All SuperSurf promos are subject to Globe FUP - Bandwidth throttling (experience slower speeds when 800MB/day was reached). The normal speed will reset on the next day. But if you are tired waiting for the next day, you can avail Speed Refresh (which can be found below) to immediately regain fast internet speed.

* SuperSurf promos listed above are available to Globe Prepaid, Tattoo and TM Prepaid subscribers.

To Check your SuperSurf Status:
Just text SUPERSURF STATUS to 8080.

SuperSurf Speed Refresh
Speed Refresh is advised when your SuperSurf subscription is experiencing slow speed due to Globe FUP. Speed Refresh helps you to temporarily enjoy normal browsing speed again until your FUP speed has been reset.


  • 50MB data allocation
  • Valid for 1 day
  • Requires 20 Pesos Load

SPEEDREFRESH 300 to 8080

  • 1GB data allocation
  • Valid for 7 days
  • Requires 300 Pesos Load

SPEEDREFRESH 500 to 8080

  • 2.5GB data allocation
  • Valid for 30 days
  • Requires 500 Pesos Load

To check your consumption:

  • Just text SPEEDREFRESH CHECK to 8080.
  • How To Stop SuperSurf Subscription

To unsubscribe your SuperSurf, just text SUPERSURF STOP to 8080.
To know more about Globe and TM SuperSurf, just text SUPERSURF HELP to 8080.

And to keep updated of the latest Globe Promos, just dial *143# on your phone for free.

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