How to Upgrade TM SIM to LTE for FREE

How to Upgrade TM SIM to LTE for FREE

Still using your old TM Sim card with your new LTE smartphone? It's time for you to upgrade your TM non-LTE sim to LTE to experience faster internet speed. Don't worry about fees, this TM LTE SIM upgrade is completely FREE. You'll also retain your old mobile number. Remember to back up your SIM contacts and messages to your phone's internal or external memory.

TM LTE SIM features tri-cut sim card (regular, micro, nano), internet speed of up to 42MBPS and free 1GB mobile data for 3 days. To enjoy more from TM LTE SIM, register to TM Promos. Watch trending videos in YouTube, DailyMotion or Vimeo with no buffering. Experience lagless online gaming with low ping in Mobile Legends, EverWing or Garena Arena of Valor. Upload pictures and browse smoothly on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And you can download large files very quick with fast download speed. Stream, download, chat 24/7.

How to Upgrade TM SIM to LTE?

1. Go to nearest Globe Store or Globe Service Center near you, to claim your free TM LTE Sim.
Just show the message you received from TM regarding sim upgrade. If you didn't receive any message, just present 1 Valid ID (Government issued ID, Company ID or School ID) and the TM SIM you want to upgrade.

2. Using your old SIM card, text UPGRADE to 8080. Just a few reminder. Don't share the unique upgrade code to anybody. Memorize or take note of your upgrade code. Your upgrade code is only valid for fifteen (15) minutes.

3. Insert the new TM LTE SIM on your phone. The menu prompt for upgrade code should popup within five (5) minutes-the delay may depend on your phone model.

4. Enter the 6-digit upgrade code on the prompt, then press OK.

5. After entering the upgrade code, restart your phone once prompted.

6. Once the TM sim upgrade process was done, you'll receive this successful confirmation message:
"Successful ang upgrade mo sa 0917xxxxxxx. Para sa mga exciting promos at services, dial *143# for free. Salamat!"

Your SIM is now LTE and you can still use your old mobile number as well as your remaining load balance, promo and TM Rewards points in your old SIM.

Enjoy faster surfing and streaming in your new TM LTE sim with your LTE smartphone.

TM LTE SIM Upgrade Frequently Asked Questions

How to Verify the LTE capability of the SIM?
Text SIM CHECK to 8080, and you will receive an SMS saying whether your SIM is LTE or not.

How to Claim FREE 1GB data valid for 3 days?

You will get your free 1GB surfing valid for 3 days once your non-LTE SIM was upgraded to LTE. If your SIM is already LTE and you're trying to upgrade it again, you will not get the freebie. The 1GB data freebie is only available to non-LTE to LTE upgrade.

Can I use the Prepaid LTE SIM to all handsets/phones?

Yes, it will work on all cellphones or handsets types. But, to have a faster internet experience, your device must be LTE-capable and you're in LTE-covered areas.

How to setup internet on my phone?

Just text GO to 2951, and save all the settings you will receive.
I already sent UPGRADE to 8080, but I didn't received the upgrade code. What will I do?
Don't worry. Be sure that the keyword and access code are right. If you didn't still receive the upgrade code, wait for 5 minutes before trying again.

How many upgrade code request can I do?

You can request an upgrade code for 5 times. You can request again for the next 24 hours.

I've inserted my new TM LTE SIM, but the self service menu didn't occur. Is there a problem with the SIM or my phone?
Just wait for the menu to occur for at least 5 minutes. There are mobile phones that has faster set-up time than others. If it still didn't worked, your phone might not be compatible for sim upgrade, try other phones especially LTE-capable phones.

I've entered the 6-character upgrade code, but it is rejected. What will I do?

The upgrade code is case-sensitive. Be sure that the capitalization of upgrade code are correct.

How many incorrect attempts is allowed when entering the upgrade code?

You have 5 unsuccessful attempts allowed for 1 day.

I've completed the upgrade process and I restarted my phone. How can I know that my transaction is successful?

You will receive a text notification within 5 minutes containing your mobile number.

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