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List of Globe HomeSurf Promos - 1GB for P15, 10GB for P349, 15GB for P599

Globe HomeSurf Promos are consumable data promos exclusive to Globe Prepaid Home WiFi subscribers, that gives bulk gigabytes of mobile data consumable per kilobyte. Enjoy surfing the web, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, listening to music, streaming videos on YouTube and playing Mobile Legends, AoV, ROS together with your friends or family.
Home Prepaid WiFi promos can be availed in 3 denominations that starts with P15, P349 and P599. Just go to the nearest Globe load retailer to reload your Globe Prepaid Home WiFi account. You can register Globe HomeSurf Promos in 5 ways: (1) Globe at Home App, (2) dial *143#, (3) Globe Share-A-Promo, (4) AutoLoadMax, and (5) GCash. Below is list of Globe HomeSurf Promos and how to register them.

List of Globe HomeSurf Promos

HomeSurf 15
1GB for 3 days
Requires 15 PHP load and must be registered first to GOSURF50. You can register HomeSURF15 as many times as you want as long as GoSURF promo has not yet expired.

HomeSurf 349
10GB for 10 days
Requires 349 PHP load

HomeSurf 599
15GB for 30 days/1 month
Requires 599 PHP load

*Enjoy FREE INTERNET for videos and games when you register to any HomeSurf variants. You can have unlimited access to Viu, League of Legends and Arena of Valor. Binge-watch K-dramas, and play LoL and AoV all day, only at Globe Home Prepaid WiFi.

How to Register Globe HomeSurf Promos
You can choose any of the 5 ways to register Globe HomeSurf Promo.

Via Globe At Home App

Download Globe At Home App first and link your modem mobile number.

Globe At Home on Google Play Store Globe At Home on Apple App Store

1. Open the Globe at Home App
2. Click Go to Dashboard
3. Click + Get More Data
4. Select the promo you desired on the list then click Subscribe.
5. Done!
Using Globe At Home App, you can easily load, track, and manage your Home Prepaid WiFi.

Via *143#
*143# is Globe USSD Code menu to access promos and other services.

1. Dial #143* using your phone
2. Choose My Account
3. Choose Globe at Home
4. Choose Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi
5. Enter the 11-digit Prepaid WiFi Number (ex. 09662756289) found on the back of the modem
6. Choose Get Data
7. Choose between Share-a-Promo w/ PIN or Share-a-Promo w/o PIN
8. If Share-a-Promo w/ PIN was chosen, enter the PIN
9. Choose your desired Prepaid WiFi promo
10. Confirm transaction
11. Done! Wait for successful confirmation message before browsing.

Via Globe Share-A-Promo
Globe Share-A-Promo service lets Globe subscribers transfer promos like Globe Home Surf Promos to Prepaid Home WiFi SIM.

1. Text your desired HomeSurf Promo to 2+10-digit Prepaid WiFi Number (ex. 29271234567)
Sample Text Format: text HOMESURF349 and send to 29271234567
2. Reply YES to the automated response text to proceed with the share-a-promo transaction.
3. Wait for the SMS confirmation and enjoy surfing at home!

Promos include: GOSURF50, HOMESURF15, HOMESURF349, and HOMESURF599. A P1.00 transaction fee will be charged together with the price of your preferred Promo.

Via Globe AutoLoadMax
AutoLoadMax is an electronic load (e-load) that lets you buy prepaid load credits or HomeSurf Promos for your prepaid account.

1. Go to the nearest store (sari-sari store or convenience store) with Globe AutoLoadMax
2. Choose your desired HomeSurf Promo
3. Give your 11-digit Prepaid WiFi Number (ex. 09271234567) found on the back of the modem
4. Provide payment to the store
5. Wait for the successful confirmation message and start surfing the internet!

Via Globe GCash
Download GCash app first and register.
GCash on Google Play Store GCash on Apple App Store

1. Open the GCash App
2. Enter your GCash Pin
3. Select Buy Load
4. Enter your 11-digit Prepaid WiFi Number (ex. 09271234567) found on the back of the modem
5. Select Broadband
6. Select desired Prepaid WiFi Promo
7. Click Confirm
8. Done! Enjoy surfing at home together with your family or friends!

How to Check Prepaid WiFi Promo Remaining Data Allocation
To check your remaining data allocation as well as your prepaid balance, just go to the Globe at Home App Dashboard. You can also go to the built-in SMS by opening your browser and go to then navigate SMS, and text HOMESURF STATUS to 8080.

All HomeSurf Promos are stackable, meaning you can register to a HomeSurf Promo while you're registered for another. Data allocations will be added together and the validity of the promo with the longest validity will apply.

If you already used up all your MB allocation, your succeeding internet connections will be charged the regular browsing rate (P5 for 15 minutes or P2/MB) unless you register again to a HomeSurf promo or any Globe mobile data promo.

To get help on your Globe home prepaid wifi promo, you can call Globe customer service hotline by dialing 211 on your phone

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