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Tik Tok App Review: A Very Popular App on iOS and Android devices

Tik Tok is a chinese-made mobile applications that is expanding fast in both Android and iPhone app in the world today. It is a fast-growing social media platform on which users make videos set to music, has taken the world by storm. It is was developed by the Chinese firm Bytedance, which offers a version on the mainland called Douyin.

It has found overwhelming success. In the first quarter of this year, Tik Tok was the most downloaded app worldwide, totalling 45.8 million and surpassing Facebook, YouTube and even Instagram, according to the American research company Sensor Tower.

Tik Tok, also known as Douyin is a music video platform and social network that was launched in September 2016 by Zhang Yiming, founder of Toutiao. The app allows users to create their own short music videos. Users first choose from a list of background music. Then, the app records them while they do whatever they want for fifteen seconds.

The Tik Tok music list contains various music styles, including hip-hop and electronic. The number of daily active users reached 66 million in February 2018. Today, it is one of the most popular short video platforms in Asia spawning numerous viral trends across the continent

The Tik Tok App allows users to:
Watch musical clips
Shoot short clips and edit them, and
Add special effects to clips.

In January 2017, it received several million RMB of seed investment from the Toutiao Group. In September 2017, it started to expand into the Indonesian market. Tik Tok's parent company, Bytedance, purchased Musical.ly, a North American short music video social platform in November 2017. On 23 January 2018, the app ranked No.1 among free mobile app downloads on App stores in Thailand.

In February, 2018, Tik Tok launched a partnership with Modern Sky to monetize music.
In the first quarter of 2018, Tik Tok was the world's most downloaded app with an estimated 45.8 million downloads. With speed in terms of making short videos of interest, we are confident that this app will become popular in every part of the world.

How to Make Videos in Android Tik Tok App
1. Download the counter app on playstore and install the app
2. Run the Tik Tok app on your smartphone
3. After that press the plus sign at the bottom of the menu
4. here you will be prompted to login first to use the application, please login using sosmed account you have (choose one only)
5. After login, please select the plus sign button again and select the music to be made backsound your video later
6. There are many kinds of music and categories that you can choose, one of which is also kpop music, confirmation to proceed to the recording stage

In order to create a good video, users must explore to ensure what users need regarding the various features on the app itself . There are also features for you to edit music as you want, various video effects can also be used for free in this application.

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