15 Tips to Speed Up PC Performance in Windows 10

15 Tips to Speed Up PC Performance in Windows 10

Microsoft always bring new improvement on their new version of Windows Operating System which is Windows 10. The OS has lot of new features and also improve the speed and performance compared to the previous version of Widows 8 which is more of a disappointment.

Windows 10 brings back the Start Menu, includes Cortana and Microsoft Edge which is the default browser on Windows 10. Microsoft Windows 10 has a lot on its sleeve, better security, better at multitasking and better features and enhancements.

It is fast and powerful, but some tweaks in Windows 10 settings will make your PC perform even much faster. This tips are will help you more productive with computer. Here are the 15 tips to speed up PC performance in Windows 10.

Best Tips to Speed Up PC Performance in Windows 10

1. Disable Unnecessary Startup Programs

Startup Program is a software program that will launched automatically every time you start up or boot up your computer. They are useful but too many of them will make boot up process slow, the more startup programs you have, the longer your computer going to boot up and may cause system performance to slowdown. Disable other useless program and your PC will improve speed every time you want to boot up. To do this, right click on empty space on taskbar, and select Task Manager>Startup and select a program you want to disabled. This is one of the tips to speed up your PC performance in Windows 10 that you should be doing right away.

2. Launch Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting is a Windows tool that can detect performance problem and fix the issue on your PC. To open Troubleshooting, right click on Start Menu>Control Panel> System and Security and select Security and Maintenance>Troubleshooting , and choose what task you need to run in order to fix the problem, this way it will improve the performance on your PC if there is no issues found.

3. Uninstall Software You Don’t Need

App usually take a lot of your space on your drive when you install them, when you have many app that is running on computer, you often use them, it make your PC slow, it is better to uninstall them cause it take of your storage space on your PC and cause slow down in PC performance. To uninstall an app, go to Settings>System>Apps & features and chose an app take a lot of your storage which you don’t normally use uninstall it.

4. Disk Cleanup

Disk Cleanup is a built in windows disk utility tool use for cleaning up your hard drive, it lets you remove unnecessary files such browsing data, cache files, cookies and even dump files which causing error on windows operating system. Disk Cleanup scans for data and analyse your hard disk drive and let you choose what kind of files you want to remove, you can speed up performance on your PC by using this tool on your computer. To do this, click on Start Menu>Windows Administrative Tools and choose Disk CleanUp.

5. Turn On Storage Sense

Storage Sense is a feature in Windows 10 which always check on temporary files and automatically delete them, and also delete a file in recycle bin when it is more than a month. It will improve performance of your PC when this kind of files are no longer in your computer. To enable this useful feature, go to Start Menu and choose Setting>System>Storage and turn on the Storage Sense. After you enable this feature, windows will automatically delete junk files such as temporary files, recycle bin items etc.

6. CCleaner

CCleaner is a tool which also scans files and delete useless data such as duplicate files and temporary files on your computer. This way, you can get rid off the useless files and make your PC perform at faster speed. It is more like Disk Cleanup on your PC but more advance of what it’s capable to do. It lets you delete your private data such as browser history, cookies and cache files on your Chrome, Firefox or any browser that you installed on your PC. Be sure to install this tool on your computer, it will help to speed up PC performance in Windows 10.

7. Limit Running Apps

When you running multiple apps at the same time, although CPU can handle it, RAM will be the issue and your PC will perform slow, just kill an app or closed an app when you are not using them, in order to reduce the RAM usage, this way, your PC will have no issue of performing at faster speed.

8. Defragment and Optimize Drives

Another way to speed up your computer performance is to run Defragment and Optimize Drives. What it does is defrag files or data in the disk so that it can easily access the files, this way it will speed up the process of accessing that file. To do this, click on Start Menu>Windows Administrative Tools then open the Defragment and Optimize Drives.

9. Power Setting To High Performance

One of the best ways to improve speed performance of your PC is to change the power setting to high performance, although it uses more energy, if you are using a laptop, it may drain battery much faster, but if you’re concerned is the performance of your computer, this will be your choice. To enable this settings, right click on Start Menu>Control Panel>System and Security>Power Options and choose High Performance. One of the best way to speed up PC performance in Windows 10 is using this tool.

10. Change Performance Options

Animations and special effects on Windows are cool, but they use some system resources to perform, if you are concerned with your PC speed, turning this animations and effects will do the trick. You will notice the speed improvements on your PC when you turn off this feature. To disable animations and effect, right click Start Menu> System>Advance System Settings and choose Settings(under Performance), click on it and choose “Adjust for best performance”.

11. Update Windows

Windows Update always has new features and not only it will improve performance on your PC but also protect your computer form viruses and malware out there, Windows will notify if there is available update and you will have the option to update to new version of Windows, you can pick a date and time on when you do the update, but it is better to update right away.

12. Turn Off Windows Tips

Windows 10 give tips to us users to familiarize with the Operating System, but this tips used some resources and scan your computer in order to do its task, this will affect the performance of your PC. To disable this feature, click on Start Menu>Settings>System>Notifications and Actions and turn off the “Get tips, tricks and suggestions as you use Windows”.

13. Use Windows Defender

Microsoft has a built in antivirus which is Windows Defender, it protect your PC from various treats such as virus, malware, spyware etc. Windows Defender offer real time protection from these various treats, scan regularly to get rid of these kinds of threats, when there is no malware, viruses or any other treats out there in your PC, Windows will perform faster. To open Windows Defender, click on Cortana search button and type Windows Defender.

14. Install Registry Cleaner

Registry Cleaning Software will optimize your PC performance by eliminating unused keys from the registry, stop error and crashes, by this, it will enhance speed on your PC. Auslogics Registry Cleaner is one of the best registry cleaner out there. Download this third party software and it should solve the problem with a few clicks.

15. Restart Your Computer

If your PC start slowing down, restarting your computer may be your last option, when you restart your PC, it will stop all the processes that may taking up resources at clear the memory space, this way your PC fully clear the memory and shutdown all process that is taking place making it improve its performance back again.

That was the top 15 Tips to Speed Up PC Performance in Windows 10. If you know some tips and tricks to boosts Windows 10 PC performance, please leave a comment below.

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