Best Android App Booster and Optimizer

Best Android App Booster and Optimizer

Android smartphone has significant growth in our technology today. Many people use Android because it is simple and easy to use, and not only that, most Android smartphone today are powerful when it comes to multitasking. But as your device aged, it becomes slower and you will experience delays and lag in opening an app.

There are so many reasons and factors why your device not performing as it used to. There are tools and app available in Play Store which can help your Android device perform back to normal again. Here are top Android app booster and optimizer that will help your device to speed up its performance.

Top 10 Android App Booster and Optimizer 2019

1. Nova Launcher

Android has a built in launcher installed on your device, it has only limited features that make you bored. If you want your phone to have a launcher that is handy and a lot of feature, Nova launcher should be your choice, just download the app and it will replace the default launcher on your Android device. You can change the animation, app icon and may other things with this launcher. One thing that is good about Nova Launcher is that, it’s stabilize and optimize app that is running in the background, this way, it will make your phone perform faster.

2. Clean Master

One of the best optimizer and booster available on Play Store today is Clean Master. It regularly cleans junks on your device, free up some space by constantly removing unwanted cache files. It has also antivirus feature that keep you from malware, viruses and other malicious data that is spreading on the internet. This is one of the Android app booster and optimizer that you should use in your Android device.

3. Greenify

This tool allow you to hibernate an app, what it does is when in hibernation mode, an app only run in the background when you only use them and automatically kill an app in the background when you are not using them ,this way, it will boost the speed and performance of your Android device.

4. App Tune-up Kit

One of the very useful app that will improve your device performance. Even if you regularly clean and scan and remove junk on your device yet you still have encounter slow performance of your device, App tune-up Kit is the solution for that. It allows you to evaluate an app performance in CPU, GPU, thermal and network data, this way it will resolve an app issue.

5. CCleaner

One of the well-known in cleaning junk files for Windows user is CCleaner. And now it is available on Android. One of the best tool for cleaning unnecessary files such as cache files, browser history and other temporary files on your Android phone. It also let you uninstalled an app that causing lag on the system and also let you clean your sms and call log. It is secure and also protect your data and privacy.

6. Ram Booster

Cleaning and removing junk files certainly help your device to enhanced and boost its speed. But you will also need a booster for your ram because every app that you are using or open will run in the background and use a lot of your RAM. Download Ram Booster on your device to free some processes that is running on the background. It is a must Android app booster and optimizer that you should have on your Android device.

7. Start Up Manager

This App allows you to enable or disable start up items from your Android device. This include widgets, apps that will run whenever you boot your device, just limit what items that will include in startup and exclude the unnecessary widget or app, this will improve your device performance during when you want to reboot your phone or tablet.

8. Droid Optimizer

One of the best all in one system optimization app that will used more detailed clean up on your device. It has many features that can help a lot of your device such cleaning junk files, clear ram processes and storage, optimize your battery life. It also helps you to secure your data and privacy which is stored on your device. This is also a must have Android app booster and optimizer that you should download right now.

9. Mobile Go

Another cleaning master and optimizer worth to try is Mobile Go developed by Wondershare Software. It can boost your phone up to 70% by cleaning junk files both on ram and your device storage. It can also let you transfer files to your PC without a hassle. It has also a feature that can protect your data and privacy on your phone.

10. Tasker

It is task control and automation app that lets you create your own list of task on your device. Although it's a paid app, it is worth a try. It will automatically do things such as turning Bluetooth, mobile data, playing music based on what you set to. It has also more custom task options that are available that you choose from. There are plenty of automatic scripts that Tasker offers that choose from.

That was the top 10 Best Android App Booster and Optimizer for 2019. If you know some top apps to boost your Android device, leave a comment below.

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