How to Record Call in Android using Boldbeast Call Recorder App

How to Record Call in Android using Boldbeast Call Recorder App

Some of us want our calls to be recorded in our Android device, maybe for some valid reasons or some important matter that we want to keep the record of our calls. Android may somewhat offers a lot of things but it lacks the tools of recording the incoming or outgoing calls we have on our phone.

A lot of apps in Play Store claim that they offers best tools to record calls but sad to say that most of them don't deliver as promise. There is so many Android devices today and the problem is that they don't support that most of them, so most third party that say they offer the best feature in recording a call, most of them fail for that matter.

Although some apps don't deliver, that does not mean that there is no one capable to do it, Lucky for you, there is an app that may offer what you want. The app is called Call Recorder developed by Boldbeast Software. The development team at Boldbeast Software may have finally solved the issue with a nice simple interface and you can easily customize your call recording with the app. This app solve the basic problem on how to record call on our Android phone.

Boldbeast Call Recorder Features

First thing first, you need to install this app to your device. Boldbeast Call Recorder is available for free in the Google Play Store. This app brings call recording functionality to most Android devices. It can also manage recording such as search recordings, playback, view, delete, add note and even share your recordings to other Android device. You can also save your recording in phone or removable SD card.

It support MP3, WAV, MP4, 3GP, AMR, ACC formats and also support cloud drives such as Google Drive and Dropbox. Boldbeast Call Recorder can easily configured for almost any Android phone. Others app maybe a little bit complicated in terms of its functions for most phones, while Boldbeast Call Recorder is simple to setup and the functionality is more precise. The best thing about this app is that, it doesn't even require you to root your phone for it to work. No need to wonder how to record your phone call for this app is the simple solution.

Your Device Is Supported Without Root 

Most Android phones are supported by Boldbeast Call Recorder, its simulates a bluetooth connection to record audio on your Android phone. What it means is that you don't need to root your Android phone for its to work, all you have to do is install the app on your phone and use it to record whatever the conversation you have.

Check your phone if it is on the following list below, if it does, that means you're good to go and can use the app right away. In case that your phone is not on the list, no need to worry, you can still use the app but you have to root your phone in order for it to work.

Rooted Phones Without Native Support

As I have said earlier, if your device was not in the list, you have to root your Android phone to use Boldbeast Call Recorder app. If that is the case, open the app and scroll down to "Settings." After that, tap on "Call Settings," then tap "Fix Recording Issues." Next, tap the "Enable Rooted Options" entry, then press "Enable" on the message that comes up next. 

From here, Boldbeast Call Recorder will ask for Superuser access, so tap "Grant" on the popup to enable root options in the app. At this point, you'll need to back out to the main settings menu to adjust a few options. The exact configuration will vary depending on your device.

Record Calls

After installing the app to your phone, the user interface of the app is quite simple and very easy to use. Recording phone calls on your Android is incredibly easy. To begin, simply make a phone call using your Android phone, after dialing someone's number, you will notice a small "Record" button near the upper-left corner of your screen. 

To record the phone call, simply tap this button, and both sides of the phone call will be captured in crystal clear quality. When you're done recording the call, simply hang up the phone or tap the floating "Record" button again. 

Access Save Recordings

If you want to access the recording of your conversation, and want to listen to it, you can do it right away, just open the Boldbeast Call Recorder app. From here, tap the phone icon at the top of the screen, then tap any recording on the subsequent menu to listen to it. If you'd like to get a hard copy of the call recording, you'll find the MP4 sound files stored in the "BBRec" or "com.boldbeast.recorder" folder on your SD card or internal storage. 

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