How To Unblock your Smart Sim Online through Smart HelpTicket

How To Unblock your Smart Sim Online through Smart HelpTicket

One of the common problems for Smart users who use mobile data without considering the network Fair Usage Policy implementation. Blocked Smart sim usually can't connect to internet. The common reason for this is heavy downloading on your data plan.

There are the VPN method, proxies, registration tricks and many more just to be able to circumvent the capping. Bypassing connection through excess usage of VPN or Proxy with almost 1.5GB-2GB of download. Because Smart has its Fair Usage Policy, a daily limit of 1.5GB for Prepaid users.

Even if you succeed, your SIM card will soon be blocked and can no longer access to the internet. Even if you use it to other mobile phone, tablet, Pocket Wi-Fi, USB broadband and other cellular data capable devices.

You can no longer see your data icon on top of your phone screen, signal is also cut, no internet connection error, redial connection is just few symptoms that your Smart SIM is blocked. In this article, we will tackle on online unblocking Smart sim via Smart Helpticket with the use of internet.

How To Unblock Smart Sim, Prepaid, Jump-in, Kickstart and Bro via Smart Helpticket - Online Method


  • PC / Laptop / Smartphone / Tablet with Internet connection used to access Smart Helpticket
  • Your Blocked Smart sim inserted to phone/any device with sim slot


1. Go to

On the 'Submit Ticket' tab, fill-in the following:
  • Full Name : Enter your full name
  • Email address : Enter a valid email address
  • What's your concern? : Select 'Network Connection'
  • Mobile Number : Enter your Blocked Smart Sim mobile number
  • Message : It's up to you what problem you've encountered. But if you can't think of any concerns, you can just tell that you lost 3G/4G/HSPA+/LTE signal. When you're enabling your mobile data 3G/4G/HSPA+/LTE signal is not showing or flashing and when you try to browse, your browser returns an error that "there's no internet connection."

2. After that record your Help Ticket Number, in case you want to check the status of your helpticket.

3. That's it, there's an instances that a Smart Sim will unblock within 30 minutes upon submitting helpticket. But in case, your Smart sim is still blocked for 24 hours, just continue monitoring your Help Ticket Number in 'Check ticket status' tab. If Smart has emailed you and asked you some questions just like the following:

These are just sample questions and are not the actual questions. They might ask some of these questions. Just to give you a hint of what information you need to prepare.
  • What is the number of your Sim that has problem?
  • What is your Name?
  • What is your location?
  • What is the model of your phone?
  • What is the date/time you've successfully connected to the internet?
  • What is the date/time you cannot connect to the internet?

Just cooperate with them until they will unblock your sim. If the representative requires you to provide legal documents like Government ID and complaint letter, you can send it to Smart Facebook Page or whatever method the agent had told you, otherwise do the other recommended procedures in unblocking Smart SIM are the following: loading 100 pesos and texting ROAM OFF to 333, don't worry your load will not be deducted; or upgrading your Smart SIM to LTE.

To avoid being blocked again by Smart:

  • Please avoid downloading large files as much as possible, your download limit must be 1GB below only.
  • If you're using USB dongle on PC, try Netcut and set limit to automatically disconnect your connection when you reach the limit.
  • If you're using smartphone, especially android, you can set a limit for mobile data usage, just go to Settings > Data Usage(Under Wireless and Networks) > Tap on "Set mobile data limit" > Adjust the red line to set a hard data-usage limit or Adjust the orange line to set an alert data-usage amount.
  • Have an extra sim card and make a cycle of sim card replacements in your modem/phone at a timely manner.

Important Note: You can use this method if you have internet access. All you have to do is access the Smart online form and fill in all the required fields.

Monitor your SIM card status within 24-48 hours after sending the ticket. You can also call their hotline using your phone if in case you have not received any update from them.

That was the guide about how to unblock your Smart sim online through Smart HelpTicket. If you have questions or concerns, don't hesitate to leave a comment below.

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