How to Fix Insufficient Storage Available Error in Android

How to Fix Insufficient Storage Available Error in Android

Many Android users encounter the insufficient storage available error in their device. It's a little bit annoying because you cannot install the update of any apps on your device, you cannot take long videos, take a lot of picture, download movies or even install the latest Android version available in your device.

This problem often occur when your device have aged for some time now. Some of us uninstalled app, delete pictures and videos,to get rid of this problem. Luckily, there is a simple fix to this insufficient storage available error, that you don't need delete or uninstall anything in your device.

How to Fix Insufficient Storage Available Error in Android

Most mid-range Android phones today come with at least 16GB of internal storage, and other devices are below 16GB of storage. The Android operating system itself can take up such a large chunk of internal storage, so there is less left for application to be installed, picture and videos to be saved in your Android device. So over time, your device will encounter lack of storage problem whether you like or not. 

There is plenty of ways to save a lot of storage in your device but you have to sacrifice to delete or uninstall an app, delete or remove photos or videos, removing download folder and many others. Some users have to reset their device to factory setting. No worries, you don't have to do that. All you have to do is know the best way to handle insufficient storage available error in your Android device.

lack of storage in android cant install app

Android will perform slower if there is no available space for it to operate. The best way to fix insufficient storage available error in Android is to simply clear the App Cache or Cache data that is stored in your device. As simple as that will help your device save a lot of storage.

What is Cached files?

It is a data in form of cache that is stored in Android device memory. When you open an app or browse the web, data will be stored on memory in the form of cache. Its main purpose is to load data faster because data is save in the memory and no need to access that again. Well, this function is useful but there is a downside of this, over a period of time, it can take a lot of space on your device, and you don't want that. The best way to fix this is clear data cache in your Android device
How to Clear Cache Data in Android Device

Now that you know what cache is and what it can do, it is time to clear or remove them from your device. To do this, go to Settings>Storage&USB, after that, scroll down and look for 'Cache data', you will see how space it consume, tap on it and then click 'OK'.

You will now save a lot of space especially when you are not doing for a long time. Your Android will now perform smoother and faster. You have the option also to clear manually every app you installed on your device, but that it take a lot of your time, it is better just clear it directly, but if you really want manually clear individual apps, you can do so, just go to Settings>Apps and choose what apps you want to clear cache data .

Bunos Tip:

Install Cleaning App in Play Store

Clean Master, Ccleaner and other space cleaner app that available in Play Store are very helpful tools that help clear junk files in your Android device. This kind of tools helps your device to gain some storage space by cleaning and removing junk files and cache files that are stored on your device. Not only you will gain some storage space but you also boost your device performance.Install right away third party cleaning app to save space on your Android device.

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