Top 12 Built-in Tools in Windows 10 That You Should Know

Windows 10 is a superb Operating System that makes us die hard Windows PC users love it again. Although Windows 8 has not gives us what we want it to, turning into more of a disappointment. Microsoft Windows in now making a comeback. You can not go wrong with Windows 10.

Windows 10 have a lot of built-in tools that will help your PC more secured, fast and more productive at task, it is a matter of knowing this built-in tool. You don't need to download this useful tool because this are already included in Windows 10 Operating System. Here are the top twelve built-in tools that you should be using in your PC.

Best Built-in Tools in Windows 10 That You Should Know

1. Windows Defender

Windows Defender is a built-in antivirus that Windows 10 offers, it protect your PC from various treats such as virus, malware, spyware etc. Windows Defender offer real time protection on your PC running Windows 10, scan regularly to get rid of viruses, malware or any kinds of threats. To open Windows Defender, click on Cortana search button and type Windows Defender.

2. Disk Cleanup

Disk Cleanup is a built in windows disk utility tool use for cleaning up your hard drive, it lets you remove unnecessary files such browsing data, cache files, cookies and even dump files which causing error on windows operating system. Disk Cleanup scans for data and analyse your hard disk drive and let you choose what kind of files you want to remove, you can speed up performance on your PC by using this tool on your computer. To open it, click on Start Menu>Windows Administrative Tools and choose Disk CleanUp.

3. Registry Editor

One of the advance tools that remain hidden in Windows OS is Registry Editor. It is a powerful and complex tool that you do not want to mess up because some minor changes will damage the OS itself, be sure to know what you are doing if you want to take some changes on it. Registry Editor will allow you tweak certain functionality of Windows OS, you can disable Action Center on it, change the display of the clock, enable dark theme mode and many others, there are so many tweaks that you can do with Registry Editor that will make your PC more cool and look something different. To access this hidden tool, just click on Cortana search bar and type “regedit” and click on it.

4. Startup Manager

Startup Program is a software program that will launched automatically every time you start up or boot up your computer. You have the options what software you want to boot up, but be sure to choose only useful programs to load up and limit programs to load up in startup because too many of them will make your PC slow. Disable other useless program and your PC will improve speed every time you want to boot up. To do this, right click on empty space on taskbar, and select Task Manager>Startup and select a program you want to disabled.

5. Defragment and Optimize Drives

Another way to speed up your computer performance is to run Defragment and Optimize Drives. What it does is defrag files or data in the disk so that it can easily access the files, this way it will speed up the process of accessing that file. To do this, click on Start Menu>Windows Administrative Tools then open the Defragment and Optimize Drives.

6. User Account Control

UAC has been around in Windows OS, it is an important feature that is built in on Windows, although some people find it a bit of annoying, but if you are concerned on security on your PC, you must enable this feature, UAC will pop up a confirmation whenever you want to install the program or the program itself will run or change on your Windows OS, be sure to keep it to the highest setting and don’t always click on confirm, run or install, be sure to read what the software does before doing so.

7. System Configuration

System Configuration aka Msconfig is a tool that has been around in Microsoft Windows Operating System which allow you to change configuration settings such as what software you want to load in startup programs, change boot options in your PC, you can also disable services that is load up when your PC starts.

8. Storage Sense

Storage Sense is a feature in Windows 10 which always check on temporary files and automatically delete them, and also delete a file in recycle bin when it is more than a month. It will improve performance of your PC when this kind of files are no longer in your computer. To enable this useful feature, go to Start Menu and choose Setting>System>Storage and turn on the Storage Sense. After you enable this feature, windows will automatically delete junk files such as temporary files, recycle bin items etc.

9. System Information

If ever want to know your computer full specification, then you must know and use this tool that is built in the Windows OS which is System Information. It is a simple yet useful tool which provides full information about your system. To open this tool, click on Start Menu>Windows Administrative Tool>System Information, or you can directly type “System Information” in the Cortana search button.

10. Performance Monitor

When your computer starting to slow its performance, although there are many factors that causing it, there is a tool you can use that is also built in Windows 10 which is Performance Monitor. It is a tool that will allow you view hardware data and fix system performance related problem. You can do a lot in Performance Monitor such as generate reports, define alerts, collect log files and many others. To open System Monitor, Click on Start Menu> Windows Administrative Tool>Performance Monitor, or you can directly type “Performance Monitor” on Cortana search button.

11. Snipping Tool

A simple yet useful program that is built in Windows 10 is Snipping tool. It will allow you to highlight and take screenshot on your screen. You can highlight whatever you want on your screen, you can draw on it depending on what you like or you can save screenshot right away. You can access this useful tool by clicking on Start Menu>Windows Accessories>Snipping Tool.

12. God Mode

God Mode is a hidden feature on Windows 10. It is the ultimate settings on PC, when you create this hidden folder on your PC. You can access different commands such internet options, administrative tools, devices and printers to name a few. To create this cool hidden folder, right click on empty space on desktop and select “New” and then “Folder” and name the folder to GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} and press enter, after that you open the folder and you will see the all shortcut commands in your PC.

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